Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peanut is halfbaked!

Other than reaching the half way point of the pregnancy (yeah!!) this milestone also means the time for the "big" ultrasound (double yeah!!!). We decided early on in the pregnancy that we really wanted to know whether it was going to be a sausage party or a taco party around here. From the word go I thought that peanut was a boy, I had dreams about it, so it had to be true right? Well you're just going to have to wait to find out sheesh!

So the big day arrived. Andre had decided that instead of having the big reveal in the ultrasound room at the hospital, he wanted the technician to write down whether it was a boy or girl on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. Then we would take the envelope and do the big reveal in the same place where this all began... (get your minds out of the gutter people!) the place that he proposed (awwwwwww). Thank you to his cousin for suggesting this! So armed with our camera, some kleenex and our winter coats since we had a surprise cold snap that morning we headed to the hospital for 8:10 am!

We arrived on time and I went in for the first part of the ultrasound. After what seemed like forever (the sudden reappearance of some random nausea that week made it seem that much longer) they let Andre come into the room for the fun part of the morning, seeing peanut! Apparently peanut is a mover and shaker (again taking after Andre) and was moving the entire time. We got to see everything (minus the money shot). The technician triple checked the anatomy and wrote it down for us. We left the hospital and headed to Bayfront Park!

After a very cold morning walk we arrived at the spot where Andre popped the question 5 years ago. We opened the envelope and saw:

"Congratulations it's a GIRL!!!"

Our little peanut is a girl! We couldn't believe it. After some tears of joy and lots of hugs, we called my mom at work to share the good news. We then booted it back to the car to warm up! When we got home we made another call, this time to Andre's parents to share the news.

The other great part of the day is another picture of peanut!

Here it is for all of you:

Isn't she beautiful?

Now the big wait begins! March seems like so far away until we meet our little girl.

Week #20!

I have been a horrible blogger I know! But to make up for the horrible lack of blogging I promise that before I leave this computer tonight you will have two blog entries!

I knew it had been a little bit since I last wrote about little peanut, but didn't realize that it has been a whole month! So to start off little peanut has been growing. At week 16 peanut was about the size of an avacado, this week peanut is as big as:

Holy cantaloupe! Hard to believe isn't it?

Peanut has been busy practicing, by gulping down the amniotic fluid for nutrition and to get used to eating later on. If peanut is like Andre, they'll need a lot of practice!

I've been feeling pretty good lately. Long gone are my regular clothing. I can actually still fit into most of my regular pants, but they just aren't comfortable anymore, so elastic waist bands it is! The fatigue is still present, along with the nausea with brushing my teeth and cooked veggies for some reason. Hopefully one day I'll be able to eat cooked broccoli again! Other than that I'm feeling like my old self, along with the occassional mood swing thrown in for a little excitement!

Oh I forgot, "Pregnancy Brain" has also set in. I have decided that the bigger that peanut grows the less memory I have. This drives Andre crazy!