Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week #36!


First off we'll start with how big our little peanut really is:

So from their estimations Peanut is weighing a little more than the "average" fetus. We had another growth ultrasound on the 3rd of February and according to the tech our Peanut weighed in at a whopping 5lbs, 12ozs already. This may sound huge to some, but with the average weight gain for the baby at approx 0.5lbs/week for the rest of the pregnancy she will probably still be under 9lbs at birth, which is completely average, and awesome for a Gestational Diabetes Baby.

According to thebump.com, at 36 weeks Peanuts circulatory and immune systems are good to go. Her skin is getting smooth and soft, and her gums are rigid. The only thing we're waiting on right now are her little lungs. They are the only organs that are still maturing.

Peanut and I have a deal going that even though we're ready for her arrival, and cannot wait to meet our little girl, that she's not allowed to come until she can breathe all on her own!

Everything continues to be going really well pregnancy-wise. My sugars continue to be monitored closely every other week at the local Gestational Diabetes Clinic. I feel the odd pain in my low back, pelvis and groin, but that's been behaving the last week or so, so I've actually been feeling really good. Peanut continues to move inside like a little monkey. She's even at the point where if she feels like it she'll even respond when Andre and I talk to her, by giving us a little roll or kick. I've learned that Peanut has a stubborn streak, and will do things only on her terms. She also has hiccups daily which always make me smile since before getting pregnant, I was the one getting hiccups all the time.

For all of you out there waiting for a bump shot, here you go! This was taken at 35 weeks after getting home from my baby shower.