Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekly photo dump

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I tend to take the majority of our pictures on my phone. It's just so convenient. So here are a small collection of the pictures I have taken over the last few weeks. 

Our Summer so far

It's hard to believe that it's already August. The summer is half over already. Andre gets the summer off with his job so he has been home with Emilie all summer. Don't bother asking if I'm jealous. Hell yes I am jealous!

Emilie loves the warmer weather. She is outside with Joshua, her favourite sidekick whenever she can get the chance. The two of them are always up to something. I wish I had a bunch of pictures to share, but truth be told most of my pictures of Emilie and her adventures are on my iPhone, and Instagram. We did manage to bring out the DSLR a couple times, and our point and shoot to the Zoo though, so I do have some pictures. After realizing the depressingly few pictures we have of this summer I have decided to try and drag it out more often and snap some better quality pictures.

In June Joshua celebrated his second birthday. Carrie and Darren decided to mark the day with a playdate in the park, one of his favourite places. I brought the DSLR with us to record the day so here are some pictures of all the fun Emilie had that morning:

Someone got splashed at the splash pad and was NOT happy.

Two little bums waiting for their snack.

Our little girl on a mission!

"Helping" Joshua open his gifts.
The best part of the day was the epic nap that afternoon after being outside playing all morning. It was awesome!

One of my goals this summer was to move Emilie from her small room, and into the bigger of the small rooms. We bought her a "big girl" bed and turned her former nursery into a playroom, which seemed like a better use of the space right now.

She loves her big girl bed but refuses to sleep in it. She much prefers the comfort of her crib, which we are a-okay with. As much as we are enjoying her independence this year, we are okay with her holding on to one of the last links to her being a baby. Our more immediate concern is getting rid of the pacifier this summer, and one big transition is enough for all of us.

We haven't done a ton to her playroom other than put everything in it, but she is still loving it. I want to get to Value Village or somewhere similar and buy some cheap frames to put some of her paintings and other artwork in to be displayed. Cheap art for the walls and a great way to show off all of her hard work.

It's been a great addition, and with the really erratic weather lately it's nice for her to have a place filled with "new" toys to keep her occupied. It's also nice she has a place to go to when I'm trying to get ready for work during the week. Especially when she's is obsessed lately with using make up just like Mama!
We had been toying with the idea of taking Emilie to the Zoo this year. She loves animals, and we wanted to do something while I was off for a few days in July. We ended up getting a Wag Jag deal for Safari Niagara which is closer to us than the Toronto Zoo and I'm so glad that we went there instead. It is a smaller "Zoo" so it was a much more manageable size for a toddler. She loved seeing the animals, they have an awesome splash pad, and a Tram that travels through the whole park as well. The "choo choo" was her favourite part of the day by far.
Feeding the giraffes.

Andre on the "choo choo"


Taking a little time to warm up to the animals.

In front of the Condor.
The Condor.

Emilie and Papa checking out the goats.


Emilie the hippo!

Hello Papa!

Someone was a little tired by the end of the day!
We don't have too much more planned for the rest of the summer. I don't have anymore time off until September when Andre is back to work so it would be shorter little trips. Emilie doesn't mind though. She is quite happy playing at the park and outside the house!