Monday, February 6, 2012

11 Months!

It seems like ever since Emilie turned 9 months old she has just developed at lightening speed! Before that it seemed like things were more gradual. Every new milestone was a thoughtful process. Something that she worked very hard at. Then she turned 9 months, and suddenly she was crawling, and climbing up onto things. Things have been so much busier since then!

Now she not only crawls, climbs up on to furniture, cruises along furniture, she climbs up the stairs, and will stand on her own for a few seconds before she slowly and carefully sits down so she can crawl off to her next adventure. She is fascinated by books,  and will look through them on her own while we're changing her. She loves putting things into things. Her new favourite toy is the Tupperware Shape-o ball! She loves to open and close doors, and discovering what fun things are behind the cupboard doors in the kitchen. She initiates peek-a-boo, and claps her hands when she knows she's done something good. She's also trying to use a spoon when eating, but always quickly puts it aside since her fingers are just so much more effective!

So many changes, and we know so many more are around the corner!

Here are some pictures from our little photo shoot this morning:

Dear Emilie

Dear Emilie,

As we get closer and closer to your first birthday I can't help but think back to what things were like a year ago leading up to your birth, and how much has changed since that day.

I am constantly amazed by your transformation over the last 11 months. Even before I was pregnant with you I always thought how magical the first year is. How this tiny little being goes from being completely dependent on parents for everything, to this (possibly) walking and talking little person! Watching you this transformation has been even more amazing.

Those nights in the beginning when I would be up multiple times during the night to feed and soothe you I would just stare at your little face. You would turn your head just so and I could see little glimpses of the little girl that you would become. Now it seems like every day there is something new you are discovering and learning. Not to mention I swear you grow overnight! Now I can see those changes that were just glimpses months ago. They make me so happy, and so sad all at the same time. Happy that you are this smart, daring, energetic, beautiful little girl. Sad because everyday you are one day older, one day further from that tiny, helpless little baby that I held in the hospital.

Sometimes when you start to cry in the middle of the night, I go to your room just a little happy that even though you're my little big girl so desperate to conquer the world, you still need your Mama. I rock you in your glider and you snuggle into my arms the same way you always have, and even though your legs are starting to hang over my lap, you are still my little girl.