Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week #38

Otherwise known as the last week of my pregnancy! The week began as any other with the first of many appointments. First off that week was an appointment with my midwife. Everything was good. I was measuring slightly ahead of schedule, but not too much, and my blood pressure was good and I was feeling good. The midwife did a stretch and sweep to try and get things going (it didn't) in an effort to try and avoid an induction.

My second appointment was with the OB later on that week on Wednesday. We talked some more about how I was doing and it was decided that since Peanut was looking like she could be 8lbs or more, and since my Gestational Diabetes was going a little crazy again, it was best that I be induced. The big day was booked...March 5th, that very Saturday. For those of you that know me well, that was also my birthday, and more importantly the day my OB was on call.

Since my birthday plans were now cancelled we decided to celebrate a day early. So on Friday we had my mother and grandmother over for a nice dinner, then had the rest of the family over for some birthday cake. The only person who wasn't there was my dad, since he was working an afternoon shift at work that week so he was working. We had a great time, and made sure to snap my last belly shot ever.

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