Monday, April 11, 2011

One Month Old!

Where has the time gone? She's actually over 5 weeks old now, but with her napping, and her daddy napping too, I have some free time to get some blogging done.

The first month went by so slowly and yet so quickly. The first two weeks are a blur of sleep deprivation, discomfort from the delivery and stress. I think one of the hardest things at the start is just the combination of not physically feeling 100% because of the delivery along with getting little to no sleep on a daily basis. Once this passes things go a lot more smoothly.

The major turning point for us as well was our little girl getting back to her birth weight after her post birth weight loss. This meant that firstly our little girl was thriving, and secondly that we no longer had to wake her up in the middle of the night! This was HUGE for us since Emilie had been a really sleepy feeder in the beginning so nighttime feedings were a battle to get her to take any food if she wanted to sleep. Getting to feed her on her terms meant happier, more alert baby, and more relaxed mommy and daddy.

I can't believe how much our little girl has changed over the last month. Both Andre and I see how much her little face is changing and how each day she loses a little more of that newborn look and it is replaced with little baby girl look. It makes your heart break a little that she's growing so quickly, and at the same time a little excitement is felt to see what new and exciting things are just around the corner. It's a battle of wanting time to stand still and yet still move all at the same time. All of those newborn clothes that once were too big are now fitting perfectly or getting a little snug.

We still have yet to get a really genuine "real" smile out of her but she's so much more expressive when looking at us, and you can tell she is dying to "talk" to us. Her little mouth moves so much and we're just waiting for those first little coos. I have a feeling she's going to be a talker just like her mommy. She also tracks like crazy now. Whenever I'm feeding her she has her eyes glued to my face. She doesn't want to let anyone out of her sight. She's also a sleep fighter, it's like she just doesn't want to miss any of the action and is afraid she'll miss something exciting by taking that nap.

Here are some pictures from her one month photo shoot:

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