Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our summer so far

What a difference from last summer! We thought you were fun last summer, this summer it's incredible all that we have done, and that you do.

You showed us how much you love a good sprinkler on a hot day:

You got your first baby buggy, and you love it :)

We said good-bye to our Corolla. It was sad to see the car that brought you home from the hospital leave us.

We went swimming!

You demonstrated your love for yummy slushy (virgin) drinks.

You "helped" your cousin smash his smash cake.

You fell in love with the splash pad at the park.

You had your very first ice-cream cone.

You helped water Mama's roses.

There have been so many exciting things happen this summer. The good news is that there is still one whole month left of the summer to go! I wonder what new things are still in store!

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