Friday, April 26, 2013

Dear Emilie: 2 years old

Dear Emilie,

You will probably notice that is has taken me a little while to write this letter to you. It's now almost 2 whole months since you turned two years old. This birthday seemed like such a special birthday. You are such a big girl now. You are this little girl with thoughts, and dreams, and opinions, and you let us know about them every day. You're not our baby anymore, even though I still call you my baby. It makes me a little sad thinking that you're not a baby anymore.

The time is passing so quickly. Every day you are saying something new, or doing something new. Your Papa and I talk all the time about how we wish there was a pause button. Never a stop button though. We're always struggling with not being able to wait to see what new and exciting adventure you have next, but at the same time just wanting to savour this time with you right now for just a little bit longer.

You are such an amazing little girl. You are so affectionate, and love to give kisses and hugs and tell us "I love you". You always say it in a little whisper, like it's our little secret. You cannot wait until your cousin Joshua and your Auntie Carrie come over for a short visit in the morning. As soon as you hear the door open you run over so you can see who it is and yell "Hiya Josh!". I hope the two of you are always as close as you are now.

You love swimming, storytime at the library, and playing with your friends at daycare. You are always talking about your friends at daycare, even though you only see them once a week. You love the park and playing outside. You could play for hours outside, but also like snuggling with me in the chair in the livingroom under your blanket watching Elmo. You and Elmo, I don't know how many times we have watched your Elmo movies. You cannot get enough.

It's amazing the new things that you do everyday. We can't wait to see what the next year brings our way.

Love, Mama

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