Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week #25

Almost two thirds of the way to the finish line!! Whoo Hooo! The good news is that I'm still feeling pretty darn good. I'm not feeling anymore sickness for the most part, aside from a random bit of nausea here and there. I'm not super tired, and for the most part I can still do everything that I did before, which is nice!

Everyone keeps asking about crazy cravings, and I haven't really had any honestly. This I'm thankful for as I have developed Gestational Diabetes, which has worsened to Insulin Dependent Diabetes in Pregnancy, and have to watch what I eat fairly closely. It's amazing all the food I'm expected to eat during the day, and mostly just have to watch the amount of carbohydrates that I eat. This means very little of my beloved chocolate is allowed. I have found that occasionally I can eat a regular dessert with no consequences to my sugar levels, so this is a nice bonus here and there.

I also had my first odd comment just this past Friday. Andre and I were at his work Christmas dinner/dance, and one of his co-workers asked me if I was carrying triplets because I was so big! I just laughed and reassured her that there was only one baby in there. It was an odd comment especially since I'm told multiple times a week that I'm carrying small.

Now onto Peanut!

Peanut has now grown to be the size of...

An Eggplant!!

She is now just over 1 1/2 pounds in weight! She is definitely a mover and a shaker (just like her Daddy!) and her equilibrium has kicked in as well, and she's starting to figure out right side up from upside down! This is definitely true in her case as I feel her starting to roll and flip a lot more. I can differentiate from her kicks and the more fluid rolling movements that she does during the day. The best part is that now her kicks are stronger so I can share the fun with family and friends that want to feel the movements too.

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