Monday, May 16, 2011

2 Month Well Baby Visit

Otherwise know as Needle Day, or the Day Mommy and Daddy Dread.

I have dreaded this day since the moment she was born. You just hate seeing your child in pain, but vaccinations are something that we both feel strongly about, so it was a necessary evil.

First off Emilie was weighed and measured. We were anxious to see how much she weighs now, and if she had reached or surpassed the 10 pound mark. At her well baby visit Emilie weighed in at 10lbs 1 oz, putting her at the 22nd percentile for weight (meaning that 78% of all baby girls her age weigh more than she does). She measured 23 inches long putting her at the 60th percentile for length (meaning that only 40% of all baby girls her age are longer than she is. I think it's safe to say that she's shaping up to be a long and lean little girl, definitely taking after her daddy.

Lastly was the needles. She was given two different injections, one in each leg. They were done one at a time, meaning she knew what was coming the second time around. Thankfully she fell asleep as we were waiting for the Nurse Practitioner to come back with the vaccinations so she was resting comfortably in my arms when the torture began. Andre was beside me for moral support, and I held little Emilie's leg as they did the needles. She cried, but not as much as we thought she would. After a short little feed after the second needle Emilie fell fast asleep, and pretty much stayed that way for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. She would wake up only to wake up and cry. She was a groggy, cranky little girl. The next day was more of the same. Lots of sleeping, and lots of crankiness.

We continued to check her temperature, and by early Saturday evening (just over 24 hours post needles) she started to run a low grade fever and the crankiness kicked up a notch, so a little baby Tylenol was in order, and then by Sunday morning, or little girl was back up to 99%. Now on Monday she's back to normal with her usual smiles and squeals.

Here's a picture of our little girl on Friday night. So pooped after her ordeal at the doctors office:
Sleepy Emilie

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