Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Emilie

Oh Emilie, you have come so far. I remember that day when you were two days old like it was yesterday. The day we brought you home. So naive as to what was to come. You sure had us fooled sleeping all the way home. We had no idea that you would scare us with your weight loss, and show us repeatedly that you would rather sleep than eat. I had no idea how hard, and yet how wonderful it would be to be your Mama.

You amaze us everyday with a new discovery. Things that we take for granted, you find fascinating. Your little smile can brighten our day, and your laugh, well there is no greater sound. We still find ourselves staring at you, unable to believe that we created you, this beautiful, perfect little human being. You may never know the depth of our love for you,  but we will spend the rest of our days trying to show you.

Your Mama

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