Saturday, July 30, 2011

A lean, mean, rolling machine!

Well just as I suspected, as soon as she figured it out, we can't stop her!

Every day we give her time on a blanket on the floor with some toys, to just stretch her arms and legs, along with her vocal cords! For the longest time she would roll on to her tummy, and Lord, let me tell you how much she hates to be on her tummy! So she would start to fuss, which would gradually turn into a full on meltdown if we would let it. We would go over, turn her onto her back again, she would smile, and then in a couple minutes we would repeat again.

She had managed to roll back if someone was there to give her a little momentum, but this week she rolled back to her back all by herself. I was there to see it, and I cheered her on clapping my hands, then Andre came over and started cheering her too. She was a little confused as to why we were cheering like idiots, but was happy with the attention at the same time.

Her newest trick is also wanting to sit up like a big girl. Gone are the days of reclining back. She has to sit up in her swing, her highchair, stroller, everything. We've tried her in her exersaucer a few times, and she LOVES her Bumbo too. It's so exciting to see her growing up, but it breaks my heart at the same time to see my little baby slipping away a little more each day.

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