Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

It's amazing how much more you look forward to holidays when you have a child. Holidays that you normally wouldn't even think about now warrant weeks of thought and planning. One example of this was picking a pumpkin for Halloween.

Normally Andre and I would just pick up a pumpkin and call it a day, but now it could be another photo op, so it deserved much more thought. I did some research on different Pumpkin Patches (farms) in the area, but in the end we decided that since Emilie is so young this year we would just visit a little farm not too far from our house and pick up a Pumpkin, and get some pictures. So off to Bennett's we went!

Emilie had a great time looking at all the pumpkins, so much so she didn't want to look at the camera!
Emilie and the mountain of pumpkins.

Hmmm, this is pretty neat.

I guess you want me to smile right?

This is as much as you're going to get!

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