Friday, November 4, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Yet another first holiday has come and gone. This time it was Thanksgiving!

We had big plans for the weekend, mainly church on Sunday morning (if your nap time worked out) followed by some play time with Mama and Papa at home then dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Everything was working out great that day. The weather was beautiful! You even decided to get up a little earlier than usual that morning, but that was okay because that meant you would be up from your morning nap in time to go to church.

You lasted up in the church service for about 20 minutes and then Papa took you down to the nursery so you could play with a couple other little babies for the rest of the service. You had such a good time playing with Papa that morning. We noticed around this time that your nose was running just a little bit. We figured it was just teething since you were due for another tooth or two anytime. We went home after church and you had your lunch and went down for your nap. Your nose was now running alot more. We knew we were in for had caught your Papa's cold.

Since your Nana and Grandpa Frank weren't feeling well themselves and they were going to miss Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of us, we decided that we would make a little Thanksgiving video for them and your Great Uncle Blake in Fort Lauderdale.

We also got some pictures of you in all your cute glory:
We should have known with all that chewing you were teething...

A drooly, runny nosed smile.

I apologize for the funky colour in the video, I had been playing with settings, and forgot to change them back to auto before we took the video. That's why the entire thing has a purplish hue.

Just around dinner time you were super tired, but decided that you'd rather have a huge meltdown instead. So we sent Papa over to Grandma's house with the food I had made, and you finally caved and had a tiny little nap.

After you got up and had dinner yourself you were a little bit happier so we headed over to Grandma and Grandpas house. You were immediately swept away by your Aunts and Uncles and Mama got some time to herself to have something to eat, and a little bit of wine too. Everyone tired you out so much that you were exhausted, but your cold had started in earnest so you were not a happy camper at all. You had a really rough night up every half hour until 11pm, then up every two hours all through the night. Thankfully Papa had Monday off work so he was able to help with the middle of the night wake ups.

Thanksgiving Monday we were a little worried that you could have an ear infection, so we made a Doctors appointment, and you were a little angel for the Doctor. She told us that you just had a cold so we went home knowing we could be in for another rough night.

The weather was so great that day, after your nap you went outside to play with Papa, and I snapped some pictures:

In the end it wasn't the best Thanksgiving ever, but it definitely wasn't one that we will forget anytime soon! Especially since during the week that followed you cut three teeth! We still haven't decided if what you were feeling was all cold, teeth and cold, or just teeth. I guess we'll never know!

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