Monday, November 26, 2012

Baking Cookies

I think every parent has that list in their mind of things that they want to do with their children one day. Some are lofty dreams, others are more everyday types of activities. Sometimes you just remember things that you did with your parents or grandparents, and you think to yourself I can't wait till I can do that too!

I remember baking as a child with my mother and my grandmother. I remember my sister Carrie and I waiting patiently as my mother scraped even amounts of leftover cake batter on to spoons so we could lick the batter. I also remember making Christmas cookies with my grandmother, and her using the cookie press. It's such a simple little thing really, baking with family, but can leave a lasting impression.

Emilie has become more and more interested in the goings on in the kitchen (especially if it has to do with bubbles in the sink), and I really wanted to make some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. We had some time to kill before bath and bedtime, so I thought why not!

 I used to bake all the time before Emilie was born, but for the longest time if it didn't come in mix form it just wasn't getting made!

The kitchen was already a disaster, so what was a little more mess right? We washed our hands (she loves that part) and away we went!

Emilie loved it. She kept chanting "cookie, cookie, cookie!" while helping me dump the ingredients in the bowl. She loved watching the bowl turn around and around in the mixer, and listened really well when I told her not to touch the mixer. Her favourite part had to be spooning the batter into the cookie sheet. She never once tried to eat any of the batter, and for a child who sometimes hates getting her hands dirty she had a blast.

She was so focused on what she was doing that she wouldn't even make her "cheese" face for the camera!

I am sad to inform you though that she would not taste the fruits of her labour once they were cooled out of the oven. She cannot possibly get that from me!

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