Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We had such high hopes for Halloween this year. You're walking, and love seeing the neighbours, especially when they have treats for you. It was going to be perfect!

Then you got sick. About a week and a half before Halloween you came down with a runny and nose and just weren't yourself, it wouldn't get better, and then the weekend before Halloween you came down with a fever. We hate seeing you with a fever. You just aren't your giggly, energetic self. The 31st was pretty much your worst day, your fever was slowly creeping up again, and you just wanted to be held, so back to the doctor we went.

You were a trooper, and sure enough you had an ear infection :( We were happy to finally get some answers, but sad that you had to be on antibiotics again. Your poor little tummy is just not the same while you're on it.

Papa carved the big pumpkin that morning, we decided that we would do a Thomas the Train design to cheer you up since you love your Choo Choo's so much.

When I got home from work that night you were still running a fever so I gave you some Advil in the hopes that you would feel good enough to put your costume on and visit a couple houses. Papa tried to snap some pictures before we left the house, but he couldn't get the camera to work.

It was rainy and chilly that night so you were bundled up under your costume. We brought your stroller and for most of the trip you sat in your stroller with a death grip on your little candy bucket. When we were done visiting a few houses we took you over to Baba's house so you could say good night. Outside of her house you spotted a little Doritos bag on the top of your bucket. Needless to say you wanted a treat. After a week and a half of hardly eating, I didn't really care that you were eating chips before bed!

When we got home all you wanted to do was eat your treat.

We got you relaxed with a nice bath and then you enjoyed some snuggles with your Great Baba before going off to bed. Not a horrible day, but I hope that you're healthy next year so you can enjoy yourself a little bit more.

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