Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fall Adventures at the Pumpkin Patch

When Emilie was born we I became a little bit obsessed with trying to create traditions around the holidays. I don't really know why. My family was never big on traditions. Routines yes, but not so much with traditions. Andre loves holidays and any excuse to do fun things as a family to mark the holidays, so thankfully he has been on board with my obsession.

We started Emilie's first with just a trip to an apple farm not far from home to pose for some cute pictures and pick up a pumpkin. The next year was when the fun really started with a trip to a local pumpkin patch. Emilie loved the wagon ride and choosing a pumpkin. We went to the same farm two years in a row, but now that she is older and enjoys more activities we decided to visit a bigger farm with more activities.

It was a little bit more expensive, but she had a great time. They had a pumpkin patch, a wagon ride of the property, a hay barn, animals, corn get the picture!

As you can tell from the pictures her favourite thing to do that day was play in the hay barn. We could not tear her away. We got home that night and she was standing there wiggling her little bum and I asked her what was wrong. She started laughing and said "I have hay in my pants!". It was literally everywhere!

I tend to be behind the camera most of the time on days like this, but I did manage one "usie" of Emilie and I on the wagon ride.


After all of the excitement of the afternoon we stopped off at the little coffee shop and grabbed some hot apple cider and a little snack. Emilie loved her first taste of "warm apple juice".

It had been so difficult finding a day to go that wasn't raining and we really had a perfect day. We all dressed in layers and by the end of the trip Emilie had shed her hat, mitts and jacket and just played in her fleece. It was the perfect fall day. 

She is already talking about getting her pumpkin next year!

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