Sunday, November 9, 2014


I honestly do not know how many times I was asked "Mama, when Halloween coming?" this year. I think I lost count after about 100. I'm not joking. My kid was extremely excited about Halloween. I don't know how since we don't really put too much focus on the holiday. I don't go all out decorating. The only decorations were little window decals that my mother picked up for Emilie at the dollar store (that may or may not still be on the front door...). Even our door decoration is fall focused instead of some witch or goblin.

Regardless we had one very excited little girl on our hands. All she could talk about was going trick or treating, getting treats and getting dressed up like Rapunzel.

Here is a picture  of Emilie on the big night:
Yeah, not so much with the Rapunzel. She had a meltdown when I dared to make her wear a pair of pants and a jacket under the dress. The nerve!

So as a last resort she ended up wearing her cupcake costume from last year. Thankfully it still fit, and bonus it has a matching fleece hat and pants so she was super cozy.

But lets rewind a bit.

We had originally bought two pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. Two big ones. One started to decompose all over the back patio, so that left us with one.

This was the first year that she actually wanted to help us clean it out.

That was until she realized that she would get dirty while cleaning it out.

I had fears that she would want an elaborate Disney Princess based design. Her request? A happy face. She chose the shape of the eyes, nose and mouth and we got to carving. She helped to poke out the pieces.

She loved her pumpkin.

The day before Halloween she went to our friend Bev's house while we were at work. While she was with "Bevie" they carved me a pumpkin. She was so excited to bring her other little pumpkin home with her. Here are our two happy pumpkins.

On Halloween she was so excited. Then it came time to get ready. She is used to wearing her Rapunzel costume just as a dress so she was not impressed that she needed to wear an outfit underneath, but we live in Canada and it gets cold on Halloween.

After refusing to wear a costume at all Andre suggested her cupcake costume from last year. Thankfully it still fit so she got dressed and we were ready to go!

It had threatened a downpour of rain that day but thankfully it was just misting and she really enjoyed herself. About halfway through trick or treating she kept asking to go to Bevie's house so we walked over and Bev had a special little treat just for her. Emilie's favourite a Kinder Egg (for those in the States it's a hollow chocolate egg filled with a plastic egg with a little toy inside). She gave Bevie a hug and then we were off to walk down the street to her daycare.

On the way back Emilie told me that she had too much candy, and wanted to go home and have her "Kindergarten Egg" and some milk. So we walked home and she did just that :)

I hope everyone else had a great Halloween!

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