Monday, July 12, 2010

Busy day in Baby Land

Today I had a few baby related items on the agenda. First things first I had to call my family doctors office.

I had already spoke to my pharmacist about my asthma medication and if it was safe to take during pregnancy, and they had said that the one medication was fine, but the other medication (the steroid medication) was a Category C medication. He told me that the risk of not taking this medication (ie having an asthma attack and being hospitalized while pregnant outweighed the risk of taking the medication) but that I should talk to my family doctor.

So after talking to the nurse, she assured me that the medication was fine, and that I should continue taking it. So all is well with that. Now to try and keep my asthma as controlled as possible especially since the majority of the time that I will be "really pregnant" will be during the dreaded cold and flu season.

Second on the list was the call to a local clinic of Midwives. Having my prenatal care through a midwife is something that I have always felt very strongly about, and I decided that this was very important to me. I was unsure about whether or not I had to wait until I was discharged with the specialist first, so I called the midwife clinic to ask them. They told me that it was definitely a good time to call and it was not necessary to be discharged from the specialist first. I had my telephone intake and they should call me tomorrow with the date of my appointment!

So many things crossed off the list!

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