Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Week #4!

Okay, let me start this by saying I totally don't understand how they date pregnancies, at all. According the medical profession I am already just over 4 weeks pregnant! I don't get it, but we'll go with it. I'm going to (try) to at least do one update a week telling you how big the baby is at that point, fetal development, and how I've been feeling.

This week the baby is approximately the size of a poppy seed!

All I think is "holy crap that's small!". Followed by "how can that little thing be making me feel all these symptoms!". Overall I have been feeling pretty good, and most of the time I feel just like my old self. I have noticed over the last two days though that there has been a little bit of a "blah" feeling in the mornings. If I do not have a little snack mid-morning I go from hmmm, I'm a little hungry, to I am going to puke. So I eat a snack. Seems pretty simple to me. I've found that for some reason after lunch that feeling stays away as long as I remember to have a little snack mid-afternoon too.

There's nothing too huge development wise going on this week. Right now the baby is just settling into his or her little spot for the next 9 months. Next week is when all the cool stuff starts to happen. Stay tuned!!

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