Thursday, July 22, 2010

Week #6!

Better late than never! I officially only have 2 days left of being in week 6 so I thought I better get a move on it!

So to give you an idea of how big our little peanut (or cashew, it all depends on whether you're asking my sisters or my mom!) is look no further than:

No, not the whole thing, but one of those little sweet peas equals the size of our little sweet pea, oh I mean peanut! In fact, our little peanut is 5mm in size, so about half a centimeter, but that's for another post altogether!

This week in peanut development:

I think the most important thing is that our little one's heart is beating! It's truly amazing to think that something so small already has a beating heart! The kidneys, lungs, and liver are also developing. Little peanuts eyes, ears, jaw, cheeks and chin are also forming (destined to be a looker our little peanut...).

I've been feeling good overall so far. The biggest thing that has popped up this week has been morning sickness, or the correct name for it "Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, or NVP". The "sour stomach" that I had been experiencing earlier on, has been replaced but full on nausea. I haven't experienced vomiting (I'm knocking on some wood right now), but have experienced some gagging and dry heaves. Equally as unpleasant I'm sure. Today it was so bad that I had to call in sick. Then as luck would have it ran into one of those cancelled clients in Shoppers Drugmart as I was purchasing some Ginger Gravol. That was definitely an "Oh Crap!" moment for sure! I felt too crappy to devise some clever excuse, so I just spilled the beans, and since she is herself a mother of 2 she was very sympathetic.

Some other things I am experiencing are:

-fatigue (O.M.G. I am so tired all the time!)

-heartburn (daily, cannot live without my Tums)

-frequent urination (I'm slowly turning into my mother, God help me!)

-aversion to certain scents (scents/odours that were before just unpleasant have me running from the room)

-bloat, bloat and more bloat

All in all though, I am feeling pretty good, and I will take each experience for the blessing that this truly is.

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