Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ultrasound time!

This week has been a busy one! Yesterday we had the first part of our IPS testing completed which consisted of an ultrasound and some bloodwork. We got a picture, but honestly it was horrible, so we haven't bothered to scan it. Today we had an appointment with our specialist. This was a special day since we officially "graduated" just into the care of our Midwife. They weren't going to do another ultrasound because we had one the previous day, but we told them we got a crappy picture, so they said that they would do one so we could get a good picture.

You should have seen peanut! Arms and legs were moving like crazy, doing flips back and forth from tummy side up to bottom side up! As the tech was doing the measurements she couldn't help from smiling, and I could hear Andre laughing as he watched the screen, and he told me that peanut was exercising. Finally after all the measurements were complete the tech turned the screen so I could see little peanut, and so many changes since the ultrasound at 9 weeks! Peanut looks like a baby now!

Here is the best picture that they gave to us today:

I love this picture since it shows the whole entire body!

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