Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week #14!

And just under the wire too!

So this week peanut is about the size of my clenched fist, or if you want a visual, about the size of a peach.

Peanut is making more fluid movements (as we were able to witness at the last ultrasound!), the roof of his mouth is forming, and his (or her) little intestines are developing Meconium (AKA baby's first poop). A thin layer of downy hair known as Lanugo is developing on peanut to keep him or her warm until the baby fat takes over. So peanut I guess would kind of feel just the same as that peach!

In other good news I'm starting to feel more like myself. I'm slowly weaning myself off the Diclectin, and the nausea is staying away for the most part. I still get the gags and heaving from certain smells though, so I still have to be careful. Brushing my teeth is still a chore, and I gross Andre out with my gagging most days. Our dentist appointments later this week should be interesting!

We had our second appointment with our Midwife this morning where we met the secondary Midwife Shannon. The primary Midwife's name is Karen. This appointment was great b/c Andre and I got to hear Peanut's heartbeat for the very first time! Shannon found it in no time, and it was nice and strong and even at 160 beats per minute. It was an amazing sound, and I'm so glad that Andre was there with me so we could share that milestone together.

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  1. Wow this babyblog is a great idea!!! The best thing ever for adoring anticipating relatives and friends!! As I figure things, Peanut will be my first cousin, (once-removed) which is awesome. Andre was the last grandchild and I was the first of the 14 McGraw cousins. So there's a huge age gap.....which makes things lots of fun. My daughter and one of my sons have both had babies in 2008...thus making me a Grandmother AND now a cousin to little Peanut who is younger than my Grandkids! Jenna and Andre, as you have found out, there is no moment quite as special as hearing your baby's heartbeat-I cried for happiness every time! Then comes the barf-mobile to visit you for what seems an endless enternity...but, its all worth it and then you are sooo grateful when it all stops. Glad its slowing down now Jenna!! Love, Janet