Monday, September 27, 2010

Week #16!

Well I guess updates every other week are better than nothing right?

This week I am 16 weeks, or about halfway through the fourth month! Peanut is now about the size of an avocado:

I laughed when I saw this one because I have joked with Andre that little peanut might come out green because I devour avocados in a flash whenever they are in the house, this goes for any food that is Mexican-influenced.

Also exciting is that the little bones in peanuts ears are forming meaning that he/she can now hear me telling Andre that he's driving me crazy! Needless to say the hormonal surges on my end are still going strong!

I've been feeling a lot better lately, almost like my old self again, well my old self in maternity clothes. I had to give up my regular clothes this week and move into the wonderful world of elasticized pants. I am now feeling 100% comfortable in pants again.

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  1. Ahhhh! Maternity pants are the best invention ever