Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear Emilie

Dear Emilie,

Five months old. Gone are the days of our little baby content to just lie in our arms snuggled in for a little sleep. Here to stay is our little big girl. You shout, and laugh, and "talk" to us all day. You shun laying down in favour of sitting up and looking out at the world that way, or better yet standing on your legs while someone holds you steady. Just a few weeks ago you refused to put any weight on those little legs of yours, and now you could stand all day, or well until you get tired.

You won't let Mama rock you to sleep anymore, you go into the crib wide awake now, and fall asleep on your own. You will never know how hard it is to see you growing up so quickly right in front of my eyes. It's like all I do is blink, and you've discovered something new. It's an amazing thing watching you discover the world, and change and grow. It's like Papa and I can rediscover the world through your eyes too.

Never lose that sense of wonder and amazement at everything around you my little honey bunny.


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  1. Awww it was so sad reading this. The time really does go by too fast :( Before you blink the next time she will be crawling then walking all over the house!!!
    Soon that time will just pass by me while Joshua grows!!