Thursday, August 25, 2011


There have been so many firsts this month, and one of them is Emilie having rice cereal for the first time. Emilie has always been very particular about what and how much she will eat. Around her 5 month birthday she decided that she was hungry.

Now, Emilie, you will have to forgive us for taking a few hours to figure this out. We weren't used to you waking up upset in the middle of the night, but by 3am, your very tired Mama and Papa figured it out and gave you a bottle. Of course you ate it up. The next day we tried giving you an extra bottle during the day so you wouldn't get hungry in the middle of the night. You wanted nothing to do with that. After all, extra snuggles with your Mama or Papa in the dead of night is much more fun!

After a week or so of this Mama decided that desperate times called for desperate measures, you were five months old, you could sit up, maybe we would try some rice cereal. So after a little trip to the drugstore to pick up some supplies, (since we thought we had another month before we had to have these on hand!) we were ready to go.

The moment of truth was here. I mixed up some cereal, and held up the spoon and you went crazy! You immediately opened your mouth and your little head started to move around like a little bird. I swear you were thinking "Finally Mama! What have you been waiting for? I was STARVING!"

You ate that cereal up like a champ! Hardly spitting any out, because you wouldn't want to waste any would you?

For everyone that missed the Rice Cereal Extravaganza that night, here are some pictures:

And since you're all so wonderful here is the video of her having rice cereal for the first time. We were having a BBQ that night so you can hear voices and see people walking around while we're feeding her.

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