Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 Month Follow Up

On Emilie's 3 month birthday we also had a visit with the Pediatrician. To fill you all in, Emilie was born with a heart murmur. Which is a fancy way of saying she was born with a small hole in her heart. All babies are born with a small hole in their heart that normally closes sometime during their first 24 hours on the outside. Emilie's didn't. Apparently this is also very common for babies. So we were referred to a Pediatrician while we were still in the hospital, and Emilie had to have some tests done before they let us take her home. They wanted to make sure that the murmur was not causing any problems with her circulation, and the blood pressure in her limbs. It's not, in fact, aside from the fact that you can hear the murmur when listening to her heart beat she's perfectly fine, and it does not affect her at all.

The pediatrician warned us that because the hole wasn't closing in the hospital, we would have to have a follow up with her 2 weeks after we left the hospital. So we did, and the murmur was still present. That meant that Emilie had to have an Echocardiogram. So when she was 4 weeks old we took her to McMaster Children's Hospital, and she had her Echo done. When we got the results, we discovered that Emilie has not one but two holes in her heart. One in the pumping chambers, and the other in the collecting chambers of her heart. The good news is that they are asymptomatic, and not causing her any problems. The bad news is a trip to the Pediatrician every 3 months is in order.

This time we didn't mind because that meant that we wouldn't have to wait until she was 4 months old to be weighed and measured!

So we woke Emilie up from her nap on the 6th, and dragged her to the doctors office. She hammed it up for Dr. S, the Pediatrician, laughing and giggling. I even saw the Dr. smile back. No one can resist our little Emilie! Emilie had a definite growth spurt around 11 weeks, and she was up to 12lbs from her 10 the month previous, putting her at the 34th percentile for weight. Her height stayed the same as last month (I think the dr's measure her differently), so 23 inches long puts her at the 23rd percentile for her height this month.

Her waist is still too small for the 3 month shorts we have for her, so I know she's a skinny little baby!

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