Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Taking her time

Emilie likes to do everything on her own time. Some things she likes to do when she's "suppose" to do them, others, they can wait.

She verbalizes so well for her age. She is making vowel sounds, and loves to open her mouth wide and make "aaaaahhhhhh" sounds and "ooooooohhhhhh" sounds. She makes soft sounds almost like a whisper, and then catch you off guard by wailing out the next sound. She's been alternating the volume of her talking a lot more lately. I swear I see a proud little look on her face when she discovers that she can make a new sound. She has also been moving her mouth when she's making sounds a lot more too, like she discovered she has this new part of her body that she can control at will.

She's also recently discovered her feet too. She will try and grab for them during diaper changes, or just move her legs around and just stare at her feet. I think it's only a matter of time before those toes end up in her mouth!

Rolling is another story. This could partially be our fault as we don't push tummy time since she hates it with a passion. She will last on her belly for a couple minutes and then start wailing. Almost full melt down mode if we let her wait. She would much rather sit on our lap and look around or be perched on one of our shoulders to get a better view of the room.

We have caught her rolling on to her side many times though as you can see here:

I'm getting there, I'm getting there...

...and I'm done.

I think if she would just flip her upper leg to get some momentum going she could do it, but again, she just doesn't want to roll yet. I think we're getting closer though, just yesterday morning when I went to get her she was on her side while swaddled. It's coming!

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