Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A new milestone!

I know most aren't interested in every new little thing that our little Emilie does, but we are, so as a result we're going to share it all with the world!

We have a little play mat that we put Emilie on pretty much every day. It gives her a chance to be on her own, to kick her legs, wave her arms, and usually squeal with delight. She likes it so we keep doing it. There's a ring of toys above her, and since she started going on the mat around 1 month old, she's batted at these toys. First it was accidental, then intentional, and then on June 8th, she grabbed the toy and held on!

As a proud first-time mommy, I immediately ran over for my camera to document the moment for Andre who as at work (and very bummed out he missed it). Since that day she has grabbed on to Sophie the giraffe, and her teething ring as well. Oh, and my hair, every time I feed her.

Here are the pictures documenting this new milestone!

Oh Mommy, look what I just did!

Hey, this is pretty cool, I think I'll keep holding on!

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  1. Yay Emilie! Keep recording these details. I always did and never regret it. I love looking back and reading about her new discoveries and my excitement!