Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Emilie's Baptism

On Sunday June 19th, our little Emilie was Baptized. We were so lucky that so many of our friends and family were there to celebrate the special day with us. The day started off with the church service, and then ended with a BBQ at our house afterwards for a little celebration for Emilie and for Father's Day.

It was a long day, but Emilie was so good. She fell asleep at the beginning of the church service and woke up when I was handing her to the minister. She gave him a little tentative look, and most of my family held their breath that she wouldn't cry, but she was so good and just watched the minister very carefully as he poured the water and performed the Baptism. I fed her during the last part of the service, and then she was asleep around 10 minutes after we got home and slept the afternoon away!

Here are a couple pictures from the Baptism:

A good shot of the family.

The Baptism

The three of us with the Godparents. Andre's friend Daryl is the Godfather, and my sister Carrie is the Godmother.

A sneak peek of the picture I took for the thank you cards.

Unfortunately because Emilie did sleep the afternoon away, we weren't able to get any pictures of Andre and her together, aside from the picture at the Baptism. Andre did get a little gift from Emilie that day, a little mug that says #1 Papa on it (Andre speaks French to Emilie, so she will call him Papa), and a card.

We did get a picture of Andre with his gift though:

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